Halifax Go School


Halifax Go School is committed to youth Go education, aiming to promote Go in Nova Scotia, increase the popularity of Go, and train young Go lovers. We have different levels of Go program, and all forms of Go exchanges are also welcome.

Welcome everyone! 

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[email protected] 9025490986


Room: 410
16 bently dr
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Name Rank Certificate
Zheng Qi 5d
Jizhou Li 23k 9k
YiYang Li 14k 7k
Yan Sun 25k
Amy Qi 25k 25k
Siyuan Wei 14k 10k
Chenxi Liu 25k 20k
Ming Yan 15k 13k
拓 张 25k 20k
Leyang Leon Liu 15k
Olivia Wang 25k 25k
Eric Fan 25k 25k
Conan Yang 24k 18k
Kaishan Zhu 25k 15k
Chenyin Ye 25k 23k
Ruihan Song 24k 16k
Yin Yu 25k
Jingpeng Zhang 24k
Zihao Liu 6d