(F.O.D) Go

Play go online with many go enthusiasts! No bots, everybody is real, and the ranking system is different which makes it entirely fun! You don't play with your usual go rank but the game is entirely the same.


Hangout with the provided online chat lounge, modify your board size, and komi, meet new friends, and rivals!

Direct link: http://www.flyordie.com/games/online/games.html?lang=en&game=Go&rs=1 

Sublink: http://www.flyordie.com


I have been playing on this server for over a decade, and it hasn't grown much since, I just wanted to share this with everybody to open a door to an old and original, yet still a new online go community with many beginners, and advanced players to enjoy your time with. Please come check it out I go by 2 names on that server "S A l" and "Jonesei". I hope to see you there!


76 gulliver cres
Brampton, Ontario


Name Rank Certificate
Justin Jones 1d