Ottawa Go School

Ottawa Go School focuses on teaching the Go game for kids. It is currently the only Go school in the Ottawa area. We offer all levels of Go lessons at our four locations in Kanata, Greenbank, Riverside, and Orleans.  Our aim is to promote Go in Canada, let more children know what is Go, learn to play the Go and enjoy the happiness of playing Go.



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[email protected] 613-2208490


Room: C2
130 Terence Matthews Cres.
Kanata, Ontario
K2M 0J1


Name Rank Certificate
Yingzhi Chen 4d
Henry Chen 3d
Grace Chen 1d
Alicia Chen 23k
Morong Li 18k 13k
Samantha Liu 19k 19k
Nathan Hu 9k 10k
Justin Xie 21k 21k
Bryan Zhang 10k 10k
Miles Wang 12k 12k
Duan Gefei 16k 16k
Alex Luo 15k 15k
Jeffrey Zheng 23k
Norran Yu 25k
Joseph Lin 18k 18k
Maxim Han 13k 13k
Steven Sun 15k 13k
Tony Zheng 18k 18k
Nathan Liu 8k 8k
Danny Yu 12k 12k
Lucas Ren 15k 15k
Anji Wang 9k 2k
Ruiqi Wen 1d 1d
Evan Lalonde 15k
Derek Chuah 17k 19k
Zach Wu 5k