University of Alberta Go Club

The University of Alberta Go Club is a casual club for people interested in the ancient game of Go, also known as Igo, Weiqi and Baduk. Players of all experience levels are welcome! We have new players coming almost every week, and we have a strong core of experienced players. There is no fee to join, just come and play!

We meet every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm, or however long people wish to stay. Please visit our website for news, upcoming events and more!


More Info


[email protected] 7809949055


8900 114 Street Northwest
Edmonton, Alberta


Name Rank Certificate
Wei Cheng 4d
Xiaofei Deng 7d
Wei Qiu 6d
Oliver Rossier 3k
May Chan 2k
Elvis Sun 6d
Martin Martin Mueller 6d
Hong Hua 4k
Florentin Stoian 25k
B M 9k
Brian Chang 13k
Junliang Zhang 4d
Antonio Messam 25k
Daniel Zhao 1d
Aaron Turner 20k