University of Toronto Go Club

The UofT Go Club exists to promote the board game of Go (also known as Weiqi, Baduk, and Igo) at the University of Toronto - St. George. We provide a venue for players to compete against their peers both casually and competitively.  

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[email protected] 4167091338


27 King's College Cir
Toronto, Ontario


Name Rank Certificate
Bruno Pereira 1d
Ryan Li 8d
Ben Mantle 5d
Johnny Lau 15k
Zhiqi Huang 2d
Dinesh Ramdhayan 1k
Minsung Nicholas Suh 6d
Mark Li 2d
Thanushiyan Nagarathinam 2d
Selly Ye 25k
Chu He 4k
Ahmet Zahid Balcioglu 2k
Zihang Fu 5d
Kevin Park 8k
Huiyi Yang 5d
Alexander Leung 7k
Alex Tseng 18k
Victoria Peter 17k
Gordon Ma 4d
Juhyung Yoon 7d
Juhyung Yoon 5d
Minho Kwon 13k
Dennis Ray 3d
Simon Lee 2k
Chia-Chun Ni 2d
Alix Bouffard 7k
Lechen Zhang 7k