2022 Halifax Go Open Tournament - Reopen

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Director: Zheng Qi
Location: McCain 105, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS
Registration Closes: Friday, May 20, 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Halifax Go Open Tournament! We will host a live Go Open Tournament in Halifax, for Go lovers of all ages. The pandemic can never dampen our enthusiasm for Go. You haven't played go face-to-face for a long time, have you? Please come to participate in our live Go Open tournament! 


Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022


Location: McCain 105, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS




Ø  Step1: Login to the CGA (Canadian Go Association) website http://www.canadiango.org


(If you do not have an account, please create one by clicking Register at the top right of this page).


Ø  Step2: Please register the 2022 Halifax Go Open Tournament.



Ø  Step3: $10/player, E-transfer: [email protected], Please note the name of the players, if you are under the age of 16, please note.


Note: Due to space limitations, registration is limited to 60 people.The deadline for registration and payment is May 15, 2022. Tournament fees will not be refunded if you withdraw after May 15th.



Tournament Schedule:






10:00am - 10:30am

Register & Opening

10:30 am - 11:30 pm

Round 1

11:45 pm - 12:45 pm

Lunch Break

12:45 pm - 13:45 pm

Round 2

14:00 pm - 15:00 pm

Round 3

15:15 pm - 16:15pm

Round 4

16:30 pm - 17:30 pm

Round 5

17:30 pm - 18:00 pm

Calculation of Results

18:00 pm - 18:30 pm

Rewards Ceremony




Tournament Rules:


The Halifax Open is for players of all ages. The Open will be divided into divisionsA/B/C/Y group, sorted by ranks/age and the number of players at each rank. Because of the increase in the number of players, according to the CGA's suggestion, the format for each group was changed to the Swiss-McMahon points system, as follows:


Ø  5 Rounds, Swiss-MacMahon Methods. That is, each player has to play five games against the opponents, and each win will accumulate 1 point, and the loss will be 0 points.


Ø  AGA Rule, 19x19 board, Komi 7.5, that is, Black will win with 185 stones and White will win with 177 stones.


Ø  30 minutes main time, byo-yomi of 5 minutes for 20 stones. Later round time controls may be adjusted to ensure we finish on time.


Notes:The referee team has the final authority.





All players participating in the tournament will receive a certificate of participation in the Halifax Go Open. Each group will have two top winners who will win medals and cash bonuses. The highest level winner will receive Tianyuan Centre Cup, medals and bonuses of $300.



A Group - Golden

Trophy + Medal + $300

A Group - Sliver

Medal + $100

B Group - Golden

Medal + $130

B Group - Sliver

Medal + $60

C Group - Golden

Medal + $80

C Group - Sliver

Medal + $40

Y Group - Golden

Medal + $50

Y Group - Sliver

Medal + $20



Organized by:


Halifax Go School:

Phone#: 1-902 549 0986

E-mail: [email protected]



The Chinese Society of Nova Scotia:

            Phone#: 1-902 702 0914       

            E-mail: [email protected]    



Sponsored by:


             I Stop Pain Acupuncture Centre

        Jean’s Chinese Restaurant 

       IG Wealth Management


Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Liao, Yibo (3d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Liu, Roujia (4d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Zhu, Xudong (1k) Wolfe, David (1d)
Meng, Xiangyuan (1d) Wolfe, David (1d)
Davidson, Craig (6k) Wolfe, David (1d)
Davidson, Craig (6k) Hansen, Shane (4k)
Wolfe, David (1d) Hansen, Shane (4k)
Wen, Ruiqi (1d) Boudreau, Yves (6k)
Meng, Xiangyuan (1d) Boudreau, Yves (6k)
Chen, Curtus (5k) Boudreau, Yves (6k)
唐, 梓瑞 (15k) Jeddore, Howard (15k)
Lei, Enqi (15k) Jeddore, Howard (15k)
Liu, Leyang (10k) Jeddore, Howard (15k)
Tian, Ligeng (5d) Fan, Ronnie (4d)
Liu, Zihao (6d) Fan, Ronnie (4d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Fan, Ronnie (4d)
Hansen, Shane (4k) Zhao, Bingshu (12k)
Boudreau, Yves (6k) Zhao, Bingshu (12k)
Hansen, Shane (4k) Wen, Ruiqi (1d)
Davidson, Craig (6k) Wen, Ruiqi (1d)
Tang, Qingwen (2k) Wen, Ruiqi (1d)
Zhang, Ruijun (15k) Yuan, Hanson (23k)
Li, YiYang (3k) Yuan, Hanson (23k)
Kai, Yifan (14k) Yuan, Hanson (23k)
Zhen, Naisi (13k) Li, Jizhou (23k)
Yuan, Hanson (23k) Li, Jizhou (23k)
Jeddore, Howard (15k) Li, Jizhou (23k)
Hourie, Aaron (10k) Li, YiYang (3k)
Liu, Leyang (10k) Li, YiYang (3k)
Zhu, Jingan (24k) Qi, Amy (18k)
Zhao, Sophia (24k) Qi, Amy (18k)
Hourie, Aaron (10k) Wei, Siyuan (11k)
Kai, Yifan (14k) Wei, Siyuan (11k)
Yu, Qiaojun (24k) Fan, Eric (25k)
Qi, Amy (18k) Fan, Eric (25k)
Zhu, Jingan (24k) Yang, Conan (23k)
Wang, Peiyu (20k) Yang, Conan (23k)
Yu, Qiaojun (24k) Yang, Conan (23k)
Li, Jimmy (20k) Song , Ruihan (24k)
Zhao, Richard (24k) Song , Ruihan (24k)
Wolfe, David (1d) Tang, Qingwen (2k)
Liang, Zhuoyue (1d) Tang, Qingwen (2k)
Song , Ruihan (24k) Zhang, Jingpeng (24k)
Zhen, William (21k) Zhang, Jingpeng (24k)
Luo, Aaron (25k) Zhang, Jingpeng (24k)
Zhao, Bingshu (12k) Meng, Xiangyuan (1d)
Zhu, Xudong (1k) Meng, Xiangyuan (1d)
Lei, Enqi (15k) Hourie, Aaron (10k)
Li, Jizhou (23k) Hourie, Aaron (10k)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Liu, Zihao (6d)
Ni, Zhengjie (4d) Liu, Zihao (6d)
Chen, Curtus (5k) Davidson, Craig (6k)
Wang, Shuntian (4k) Davidson, Craig (6k)
Fan, Eric (25k) Luo, Aaron (25k)
Qi, Amy (18k) Luo, Aaron (25k)
Zhao, Richard (24k) Luo, Aaron (25k)
Wei, Siyuan (11k) Zhang, Ruijun (15k)
Li, Jizhou (23k) Zhang, Ruijun (15k)
Lei, Enqi (15k) Zhang, Ruijun (15k)
Li, Jimmy (20k) Zhu, Aaron (23k)
Zhang, Jingpeng (24k) Zhu, Aaron (23k)
Yang, Conan (23k) Zhu, Aaron (23k)
Zhen, William (21k) Wang, Peiyu (20k)
Zhou, Tianyun (22k) Wang, Peiyu (20k)
Liu, Owen (25k) Zhu, Jingan (24k)
Zhu, Aaron (23k) Zhu, Jingan (24k)
Zhang, Jingpeng (24k) Zhu, Jingan (24k)
Zhao, Sophia (24k) Zhen, William (21k)
Fan, Eric (25k) Zhen, William (21k)
Song , Ruihan (24k) Zhen, William (21k)
Song , Ruihan (24k) Zhao, Sophia (24k)
Liu, Owen (25k) Zhao, Sophia (24k)
Zhou, Tianyun (22k) Zhao, Sophia (24k)
Zhou, Tianyun (22k) Zhao, Richard (24k)
Li, Jimmy (20k) Zhao, Richard (24k)
Fan, Eric (25k) Zhao, Richard (24k)
Yuan, Hanson (23k) Sun, Kaiyang (15k)
Li, YiYang (3k) Sun, Kaiyang (15k)
Lei, Enqi (15k) Sun, Kaiyang (15k)
唐, 梓瑞 (15k) Jia, Tianqi (12k)
Jeddore, Howard (15k) Jia, Tianqi (12k)
Yang, Conan (23k) Zhou, Tianyun (22k)
Yu, Qiaojun (24k) Zhou, Tianyun (22k)
Wang, Peiyu (20k) Yu, Qiaojun (24k)
Luo, Aaron (25k) Yu, Qiaojun (24k)
Zhang, Ruijun (15k) Zhen, Naisi (13k)
Sun, Kaiyang (15k) Zhen, Naisi (13k)
Jia, Tianqi (12k) Zhen, Naisi (13k)
Liao, Yibo (3d) Ni, Zhengjie (4d)
Liu, Roujia (4d) Ni, Zhengjie (4d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Ni, Zhengjie (4d)
Wei, Siyuan (11k) Liu, Leyang (10k)
Jia, Tianqi (12k) Liu, Leyang (10k)
Zhen, Naisi (13k) Liu, Leyang (10k)
王, 紫伟 (3d) Liao, Yibo (3d)
Fan, Ronnie (4d) Liao, Yibo (3d)
Liang, Zhuoyue (1d) Zhu, Xudong (1k)
Huang, John (6k) Zhu, Xudong (1k)
Liang, Zhuoyue (1d) Chen, Curtus (5k)
Zhu, Xudong (1k) Chen, Curtus (5k)
Lei, Enqi (15k) 唐, 梓瑞 (15k)
Wei, Siyuan (11k) 唐, 梓瑞 (15k)
Sun, Kaiyang (15k) 唐, 梓瑞 (15k)
Qi, Amy (18k) Li, Jimmy (20k)
Liu, Owen (25k) Li, Jimmy (20k)
王, 紫伟 (3d) Tian, Ligeng (5d)
Ni, Zhengjie (4d) Tian, Ligeng (5d)
Liu, Zihao (6d) Tian, Ligeng (5d)
Hourie, Aaron (10k) Kai, Yifan (14k)
Li, YiYang (3k) Kai, Yifan (14k)
Jia, Tianqi (12k) Kai, Yifan (14k)
Wang, Peiyu (20k) Liu, Owen (25k)
Zhu, Aaron (23k) Liu, Owen (25k)
Liu, Zihao (6d) 王, 紫伟 (3d)
Fan, Ronnie (4d) 王, 紫伟 (3d)
Wen, Ruiqi (1d) Liang, Zhuoyue (1d)
Meng, Xiangyuan (1d) Liang, Zhuoyue (1d)
Zhao, Bingshu (12k) Huang, John (6k)
Hansen, Shane (4k) Huang, John (6k)
Wang, Shuntian (4k) Huang, John (6k)
王, 紫伟 (3d) Liu, Roujia (4d)
Liao, Yibo (3d) Liu, Roujia (4d)
Tian, Ligeng (5d) Liu, Roujia (4d)
Tang, Qingwen (2k) Wang, Shuntian (4k)
Tang, Qingwen (2k) Wang, Shuntian (4k)