In-person Go meeting in Great Vancouver Area

Friday, August 19, 2022

Director: Cathy Li
Location: 2nd floor, 11520 Voyageur Way,Richmond,BC

In-person Go meeting  in Great Vancouver Area


This meeting is organized by Canada West Go Association.

Address: 2nd floor, 11520 Voyageur Way,Richmond,BC


Director: Cathy Li: 7788927377 or 604-282-3776; Weichat:cathyli118; 

Email:   [email protected]



1. Schedule: 5pm-10pm, August 19,  2022

2. Address: 2nd floor, 11520 Voyageur Way,Richmond,BC

3. Cost:

·        Regular Registration: CAD25


4. Registration:


Step 1: Registration 

Login to the CGA website with your account (if you don’t have one, please create a new account), and click on the “register” option on this event page. This can be done right now, and you should immediately see your name listed below on the participants.

Step 2: Payment

Please pay the registration fee with the methods below.

·        E-transfer the registration fee in CAD to: [email protected]
·        Cash on spot

·        Please contact: [email protected] if the above payment methods do not work for you.


5. Format


There will be 2 groups, Black group and White Group, based on the rankings of each player.  There will be Individual Go, Pair Go and Team Go. 


Pro player Zhang tao(张涛,8P), will play online simul game with Brady Zhang and Xiaoyong Tian. Cathay Li, the president of  Canada West Go Association, will give Go analysis. Zhang tao is the champion of 2017 CCTV Cup and a VIP in A-League of China Weiqi League.


In case Zhang Tao is not available due to the time conflict, Pro player Jia Huang(黄佳,2P) and Xu Zheng(4P)will play simul games with us. Jia Huang was a finallist in National Weiqi Female Tournament(Team) in 2001 and a finalist in 1st "Jianqiao Cup" National Female Weiqi Open(Individual). Xu Zheng is the director of Weiqi Competition of 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. He is also a VIP in A-League of China Weiqi League.



 6. Prizes & Awards


These will be funded from the collected fees.  


7. Rules and Regulations: 

 60 Minutes+5x30 seconds



4 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City Date Registered
Ben Gong 4d Surrey Aug 10, 2022
Levi LIu 4k Richmond Aug 19, 2022
Will Xu 4k Vancouver Aug 11, 2022
Thomas Jiang 4k 4k Vancouver Aug 10, 2022

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