League Instructions

Returning League Players

For those who have played in the league before, the new online system won't be a big change. You still schedule your matches by email, and then report the results.

After the league round has started, follow these steps.

  1. Go to My Games. You will a list of your opponets, their Email address, and their KGS Username.
  2. Contact your opponent by email to schedule a game. All games are scheduled in Eastern Time, and must be scheduled in advance.
  3. After your opponent agrees to a match time, go back to My Games and click the Schedule Match link. Enter the time you and your opponent agreed on.
  4. The list will be updated with the scheduled time. (There is a cancel button if you need to reschedule, but email your opponent if you cancel!)
  5. After you play your game, the winner should report the results by going to My Games and clicking the Report Results link next to the appropiate game.

What is the CGA League?

A CGA Round is an online tournament played on KGS, where you play 4 to 5 other players by scheduling games in advance. Each round lasts 6 weeks to give you plenty of time to schedule and play your games. After joining the round you will be placed in a division according to your strength and previous league performance. You compete to be the best in your division of 4-5 players, and move up to the next division.


For those who have played in the league before, there are significant changes to how the league is run. It will no longer be run through email. You must login to members.go-canada.org. This is where you will schedule games, and report game results. If you don’t have a login, you must register on the site again, even if you are already a CGA Member. Also you will no longer automatically be signed up for each round. You must join the next round before it starts, even if you are playing in the current round.

Match Rules

45 Minutes + 10min/25 Stones
6.5 Komi with Japanese Scoring.
(Dragon Division is 50 Minutes + 12min/25 Stones)
You cannot change these settings, or add time to your opponent during the game. If your opponent loses on time, that is his fault. You must meet in the Canadian Room on KGS

Asking for an Undo

  1. Players may request an undo for a miss-click. A miss-click is a physical error that results in a stone being played unintentionally; any sort of mental error does not apply. Like other ethical requirements (I.E not using joseki books during play) we cannot enforce this but players are as always responsible for behaving ethically.
  2. Players are not required or obligated to accept undo requests.
  3. If the undo request was denied that decision is final.
  4. If the requests is made again after it is denied, the other player should notify the tournament director, and they will win be forfeit. (There will be no rating change in this case.)

How to Schedule and Report Games

When the round starts you will receive an email so you can start scheduling games. All information for this will be found in My Games. Do not just go into the Canadian room and wait for your opponents to show up. Schedule them in advance.


The winner of a division is determined by how many points they have. You receive 2 points for winning, and 1 point for losing. (0 points for not playing a game.)

No Shows

Wait about 30 minutes. Send an email to your opponent after 15 minutes. Maybe he forgot. You have a choice to reschedule the game or claim a default win (2 points). A default game will not count in the ratings. Every round games are missed for various reasons. We simply accept this. The person who defaults gets no points for the game missed instead of 1 or 2 if it had been played. Report a default win in the My Games section.