University of Waterloo Go Club

The club is currently in limbo. A more active club in Waterloo is available at . If someone is interested in restarting the club, feel free to post in the Facebook group.

Placeholder text: The club usually meets in SLC 2105B, located in the back area of the SLC above the Bomber. Ask at the Turnkey desk in the SLC if you have trouble finding this room. People of all skill levels are welcome, even if you've never played before. Come out, learn, and play!


200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario


Name Rank Certificate
Dominik Chłobowski 7k
Harry Cheng 5d
Hao Chen 6d
Ao Zhang 5d
Ali Okan 1k
Minsu Kim 5k
Yiting Feng 5d
Thinula De Silva 2k