2021 Canwa Team Go Championship

Saturday, December 25, 2021 - Saturday, January 01, 2022

Director: Cathy Li & Brady Zhang
Location: OGS

2021 Canwa Team Go Championship


2021 Canwa Team Go Championship,organized by Canada West Go Association, will take place online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  


Director: Cathy Li: 7788927377 or 604-282-3776; Weichat:cathyli118; 

Email:   [email protected]

   Brady Zhang  email: [email protected]; wechat: bradybei


1. Schedule: December 25, 26, 2021 & January 1,2, 2022

Round 1 10 a.m PST December 25, 2021

Round 2 2 p.m PST December 25, 2021

Round 3 10 a.m PST December 26, 2021

Round 4 2 p.m PST December 26, 2021

Round 5 10 a.m PST January 1, 2022

Round 6 2 p.m PST January 1, 2022 playoff



2. Location: OGS Platform. (https://online-go.com/)


3. Cost:

·        Regular Registration: $25


4. Registration:


Step 1: Registration 

Login to the CGA website with your account (if you don’t have one, please create a new account), and click on the “register” option on this event page. This can be done right now, and you should immediately see your name listed below on the participants.

Step 2: Payment

. Please pay the registration fee with the methods below.

·        E-transfer the registration fee in CAD to: [email protected]

·        Wechat pay: Rmb130 through Wechat ID bb200403 

·        Please contact: [email protected] if the above payment methods do not work for you.


1. Registration is completed only after you have paid the registration fee.

2. This tournament only allows 42 players. The first 42 players that registered and paid the fee will be accepted for the tournament.


5. Format

Games will be played on OGS (https://online-go.com/). OGS is a free online Go platform that is accessible to everyone. Please register your user ID before registration.


There will be 6 groups. Each group has 7 players. The grouping is based on the player level. Each Group will nominate a captain of rank 6D and up; and another 3 players of Dan ranks; other 3 players of Kyu ranks. The team captain will be in charge of coordinating their team and of communicating with the tournament directors(TD).


 6. Prizes & Awards


These will be funded from the collected fees.  Canwa Cup goes to the champion group.


7. Rules and Regulations: 


 60 Minutes+5x30 seconds


16 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City Date Registered
Brady Zhang 7d Vancouver Dec 18, 2021
Aaron Chen 6d Richmond Dec 18, 2021
Yixian Zhou 6d Corona Dec 18, 2021
Roy Tong 4d Surrey Oct 30, 2021
Ben Gong 4d Surrey Oct 07, 2021
David Mu 3d Calgary Nov 23, 2021
Zane Li 2d Calgary Oct 25, 2021
YICHEN Lu 2d Surrey Dec 15, 2021
Jason Liu 2d 1k Vancouver Nov 19, 2021
Andy Zhou 1k Corona Dec 18, 2021
Yuxin Zhang 4k 3k Coquitlam Dec 19, 2021
Angel Zhou 5k Corona Dec 18, 2021
Echo Yao 6k Richmond Dec 18, 2021
Anna Zhou 6k Corona Dec 18, 2021
Daniel Wu 9k 8k Richmond Dec 18, 2021
Jhon Uribe Patino 20k Edmonton Nov 09, 2021

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