2023 Halifax Go Open

Sunday, May 21, 2023 - Monday, May 22, 2023

Director: Zheng Qi
Location: Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS
Registration Closes: Saturday, May 20, 2023

2023 Halifax Go Open Tournament

Sunday/Monday, May 21-22, 2023

Location: Halifax


Welcome to the 2023 Halifax Go Open! We will be hosting a Live Go Open Tournament in Halifax for Go lovers of all ages. Hope you can come to the beautiful city of Halifax and experience the fun of Go!

This tournament is a two-day tournament. There are three games per day, a total of six games. The basic time for each player is 1 hour, and byo-yomi (according to the rules of the Canadian Go Association). The organizing committee will divide the players into four groups: A, B, C, and D (youth) according to their Rank and Age. 


Registration and Payment:


1. Click the register button on this page to complete registration.

2. Payment:

E-transfer: [email protected] Please indicate the player's full name


3. Fee:

Early Bird: $45/player (Before May 15, 2023)

Regular: $60/player (After May 15, 2023)

                  Note: Player under 16 years old enjoy discount $10



Tournament Format:


- 2-Days

- 6-game tournament 

- 3 games per day


              Sunday, May 21


              9:30 am    Registrition

              10:00 am Round1

                                           1:00 pm   Round2 

                                           3:30 pm   Round3


                             Monday, May 22


              10:00 am Round4

                                           1:00 pm   Round5 

                                           3:30 pm   Round6




$700 will be distributed to the winners!The top three in each group will be awarded medals, and the top two will receive bonuses. All players will receive a certificate for participation.




 Tournament Rules:


Ø  MacMahon Method;

Ø  AGA Rule, 19x19 board, Komi 7.5;

Ø  60 minutes main time, byo-yomi of 10 minutes for 25 stones.

Ø  The referee team has the final authority.



Contact:      1-902 549 0981                 E-mail: [email protected]




Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Ni, Zhengjie (4d) Tian, Ligeng (5d)
Zhao, Yuanhao (5d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Zhu, Xudong (1k) Meng, Xiangyuan (1d)
Wen, Ruiqi (1d) Wolfe, David (1d)
Tang, Qingwen (2k) Saunders, Ethan (2k)
Li, YiYang (3k) Hansen, Shane (4k)
Zhao, Bingshu (12k) Huang, John (6k)
Lau, Yuk Long (6k) Jia, Tianqi (12k)
Zhen, William (21k) Keras, Veronika (7k)
Wei, Siyuan (11k) Liu, Leyang (10k)
Hourie, Aaron (10k) PENG, BINGSHENG (7k)
Hu, Leon Xun (23k) Zhen, Naisi (13k)
Zhang, Leonard (10k) Zhu, Kaishan (23k)
Zhang, Bruce (15k) Yang, Conan (23k)
Qi, Amy (18k) Qi, Louis (16k)
Zhou, Tianyun (22k) Li, Qingpu (20k)
Liu, Ziyuan (24k) Dong, Zhihao (20k)
Liu, Sirui(Silas) (24k) Li, Aimee (25k)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Meng, Xiangyuan (1d)
Tian, Ligeng (5d) Zhu, Xudong (1k)
Ni, Zhengjie (4d) Zhao, Yuanhao (5d)
Saunders, Ethan (2k) Wolfe, David (1d)
Tang, Qingwen (2k) Wen, Ruiqi (1d)
Huang, John (6k) Li, YiYang (3k)
Hansen, Shane (4k) Zhao, Bingshu (12k)
Liu, Leyang (10k) Lau, Yuk Long (6k)
Jia, Tianqi (12k) Zhen, William (21k)
PENG, BINGSHENG (7k) Keras, Veronika (7k)
Zhen, Naisi (13k) Hourie, Aaron (10k)
Wei, Siyuan (11k) Zhang, Leonard (10k)
Zhu, Kaishan (23k) Hu, Leon Xun (23k)
Qi, Louis (16k) Yang, Conan (23k)
Qi, Amy (18k) Zhang, Bruce (15k)
Li, Qingpu (20k) Dong, Zhihao (20k)
Liu, Ziyuan (24k) Zhou, Tianyun (22k)
Peng, Sunny (24k) Liu, Sirui(Silas) (24k)
Zhao, Yuanhao (5d) Tian, Ligeng (5d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Ni, Zhengjie (4d)
Meng, Xiangyuan (1d) Wolfe, David (1d)
Zhu, Xudong (1k) Wen, Ruiqi (1d)
Saunders, Ethan (2k) Li, YiYang (3k)
Zhen, William (21k) Hansen, Shane (4k)
Zhao, Bingshu (12k) Jia, Tianqi (12k)
Huang, John (6k) Liu, Leyang (10k)
Keras, Veronika (7k) Lau, Yuk Long (6k)
Zhu, Kaishan (23k) Zhen, Naisi (13k)
Zhang, Leonard (10k) PENG, BINGSHENG (7k)
Hu, Leon Xun (23k) Wei, Siyuan (11k)
Yang, Conan (23k) Hourie, Aaron (10k)
Zhou, Tianyun (22k) Zhang, Bruce (15k)
Dong, Zhihao (20k) Qi, Louis (16k)
Li, Qingpu (20k) Qi, Amy (18k)
Liu, Ziyuan (24k) Liu, Sirui(Silas) (24k)
Li, Aimee (25k) Peng, Sunny (24k)
Wen, Ruiqi (1d) Saunders, Ethan (2k)
Tian, Ligeng (5d) Meng, Xiangyuan (1d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Zhu, Xudong (1k)
Kolokolnkov, Theodore (3d) Ni, Zhengjie (4d)
Wolfe, David (1d) Zhao, Yuanhao (5d)
Li, YiYang (3k) Tang, Qingwen (2k)
Keras, Veronika (7k) Hansen, Shane (4k)
Liu, Leyang (10k) Zhao, Bingshu (12k)
Jia, Tianqi (12k) Huang, John (6k)
Lau, Yuk Long (6k) Zhen, William (21k)
PENG, BINGSHENG (7k) Zhen, Naisi (13k)
Hu, Leon Xun (23k) Zhang, Leonard (10k)
Yang, Conan (23k) Wei, Siyuan (11k)
Hourie, Aaron (10k) Zhu, Kaishan (23k)
Dong, Zhihao (20k) Zhang, Bruce (15k)
Zhou, Tianyun (22k) Qi, Louis (16k)
Liu, Sirui(Silas) (24k) Qi, Amy (18k)
Li, Aimee (25k) Li, Qingpu (20k)
Li, YiYang (3k) Zhao, Bingshu (12k)
Tian, Ligeng (5d) Kolokolnkov, Theodore (3d)
Wolfe, David (1d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Meng, Xiangyuan (1d) Zhao, Yuanhao (5d)
Ni, Zhengjie (4d) Zhu, Xudong (1k)
Hansen, Shane (4k) Wen, Ruiqi (1d)
Keras, Veronika (7k) Tang, Qingwen (2k)
Zhen, William (21k) Saunders, Ethan (2k)
PENG, BINGSHENG (7k) Huang, John (6k)
Lau, Yuk Long (6k) Wei, Siyuan (11k)
Zhen, Naisi (13k) Liu, Leyang (10k)
Dong, Zhihao (20k) Zhou, Tianyun (22k)
Peng, Sunny (24k) Liu, Ziyuan (24k)
Yang, Conan (23k) Hu, Leon Xun (23k)
Zhu, Kaishan (23k) Jia, Tianqi (12k)
Zhang, Leonard (10k) Hourie, Aaron (10k)
Li, Aimee (25k) Qi, Amy (18k)
Liu, Sirui(Silas) (24k) Li, Qingpu (20k)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Tian, Ligeng (5d)
Zhao, Yuanhao (5d) Kolokolnkov, Theodore (3d)
Meng, Xiangyuan (1d) Tang, Qingwen (2k)
Huang, John (6k) Zhu, Xudong (1k)
Wolfe, David (1d) Ni, Zhengjie (4d)
Zhen, Naisi (13k) Zhen, William (21k)
Wei, Siyuan (11k) Keras, Veronika (7k)
Liu, Leyang (10k) PENG, BINGSHENG (7k)
Yang, Conan (23k) Zhu, Kaishan (23k)
Zhao, Bingshu (12k) Wen, Ruiqi (1d)
Hansen, Shane (4k) Saunders, Ethan (2k)
Jia, Tianqi (12k) Li, YiYang (3k)
Hourie, Aaron (10k) Lau, Yuk Long (6k)
Qi, Amy (18k) Hu, Leon Xun (23k)
Li, Qingpu (20k) Zhang, Bruce (15k)
Liu, Sirui(Silas) (24k) Qi, Louis (16k)
Peng, Sunny (24k) Zhou, Tianyun (22k)
Li, Aimee (25k) Liu, Ziyuan (24k)