Canwa Cup Vancouver Go Rating Tournament

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Director: Cathy Li
Location: 2nd floor, 11520 Voyageur Way,Richmond,BC
Registration Closes: Saturday, November 25, 2023

Special Thanks to our sponsor of this Event : 

Canwa Financial & Insurance Service. (

 Because of the capacity restriction, we can only accomodate the first 36 players who register

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Director: Cathy Li & Ben Gong

Location: 2nd floor, 11520 Voyageur Way,Richmond,BC


Contact: Cathy Li: 7788927377 or 604-282-3776; Weichat:cathyli118; 

 Email:   [email protected]

             [email protected]



1. Schedule: November 25,2023


8:30 am -9:00 am       Registration

9:00 am -10:00 am     Round 1  

10:15am-11:15 am    Round 2 

11:30 am-12:30 pm    Round 3

12:30 pm-1:30 pm      Lunch

1:30 pm-2:30 pm        Round 4  

2:45 pm-3:45 pm        Round 5

3:45 pm-4:00 pm        Closing ceremony & awards

4:00 pm-4:45 pm         Leo Tang(online) & Ben Gong(in person) to share Learning Go experience

Leo holds the title of the 2023 Canadian Go Open champion and was the U16 champion at the 2022 Toronto Go Spectacular

Ben represented Canada in 2023 World Youth Go Championship in Singapore ; 2nd in U16 category in 2022 Toronto Go Spectacular


2. Cost:


·       Registration fee: CAD45(including lunch)


Certificates: All the certificates are issued by CGA (Canadian Go Association). If grading is successful, additional fees will be charged for certificate processing.


Promotion Level


25k – 6k


5k – 1k


1d – 4d




3. Registration:


Step 1: Registration 


Login to the CGA website with your account (if you don’t have one, please create a new account), and click on the “register” option on this event page. This can be done right now, and you should immediately see your name listed below on the participants.


Step 2: Payment


. Please pay the registration fee with the methods below.


·        E-transfer the registration fee in CAD to: [email protected]

(when sending the e-transfer, please kindly include your full name)



4. Rules and Regulations: 


AGA rules



This Event is sponsored by Canwa Financial&Insurance Service. (


Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Lun, Felix (12k) Li, Hongxuan (9k)
YE, YF (9k) Li, Hongxuan (9k)
Zhang, Selene (17k) Li, Hongxuan (9k)
Wiens, Brett (3k) Wang, Will (1d)
Zhao, Shiny (3k) Wang, Will (1d)
Yang, ChuYun(Caroline) (7k) Jiang, Zekai (7k)
Yang, Berton (13k) Jiang, Zekai (7k)
LIU, XI WEI (12k) Li, Chun Yin (11k)
Lun, Felicia (17k) Li, Chun Yin (11k)
Li, Chun Yin (11k) EnyiZou, EnyiZou (15k)
Li, Hongxuan (9k) EnyiZou, EnyiZou (15k)
YE, YF (9k) EnyiZou, EnyiZou (15k)
Wang, Will (1d) Liu, Zihan (5d)
Hong , Matthew (9k) Liu, Zihan (5d)
Le, Harry (1d) Liu, Zihan (5d)
Sui, Yiming (1k) Hong , Matthew (9k)
Wiens, Brett (3k) Hong , Matthew (9k)
Wang, Will (1d) Hong , Matthew (9k)
Lei, Kyzen (16k) Lun, Felicia (17k)
Sun, Yueran (18k) Lun, Felicia (17k)
Jiang, Zekai (7k) Lun, Felix (12k)
EnyiZou, EnyiZou (15k) Lun, Felix (12k)
Liu, Zihan (5d) Zhao, Shiny (3k)
Yang, ChuYun(Caroline) (7k) Zhao, Shiny (3k)
Johnson, Nate (13k) Lei, Kyzen (16k)
Liu, Iris (18k) Lei, Kyzen (16k)
Ai, Arya (17k) Jiang, Isabella (16k)
Liu, Iris (18k) Jiang, Isabella (16k)
Johnson, Nate (13k) Jiang, Isabella (16k)
Ai, Arya (17k) Liu, Iris (18k)
Yang, Berton (13k) Zhao, Dave (12k)
Jiang, Isabella (16k) Zhao, Dave (12k)
Li, Chun Yin (11k) Zhao, Dave (12k)
Yang, Berton (13k) YE, YF (9k)
Zhang, Selene (17k) YE, YF (9k)
LIU, XI WEI (12k) YE, YF (9k)
Matson, Jae (5k) Chen, Xiaochuan (6k)
Jiang, Zekai (7k) Chen, Xiaochuan (6k)
Lun, Felix (12k) Chen, Xiaochuan (6k)
Lun, Felix (12k) Yang, ChuYun(Caroline) (7k)
XIAO, YUJIA (5k) Yang, ChuYun(Caroline) (7k)
Matson, Jae (5k) Tang, Zixuan (5k)
Le, Harry (1d) Tang, Zixuan (5k)
Zhao, Shiny (3k) Tang, Zixuan (5k)
Liu, Iris (18k) Sun, Yueran (18k)
Ai, Arya (17k) Sun, Yueran (18k)
Hou, Clarence (10k) Yang, Berton (13k)
Li, Chun Yin (11k) Yang, Berton (13k)
Jiang, Zekai (7k) Matson, Jae (5k)
XIAO, YUJIA (5k) Matson, Jae (5k)
Yang, ChuYun(Caroline) (7k) Matson, Jae (5k)
Wiens, Brett (3k) Le, Harry (1d)
Sui, Yiming (1k) Le, Harry (1d)
Hong , Matthew (9k) Le, Harry (1d)
Lun, Felicia (17k) Johnson, Nate (13k)
Zhao, Dave (12k) Johnson, Nate (13k)
Sun, Yueran (18k) Johnson, Nate (13k)
Sun, Yueran (18k) Zhang, Selene (17k)
Liu, Iris (18k) Zhang, Selene (17k)
Lei, Kyzen (16k) Zhang, Selene (17k)
Zhao, Shiny (3k) Sui, Yiming (1k)
Liu, Zihan (5d) Sui, Yiming (1k)
Wang, Will (1d) Sui, Yiming (1k)
Li, Hongxuan (9k) LIU, XI WEI (12k)
Chen, Xiaochuan (6k) LIU, XI WEI (12k)
Hou, Clarence (10k) LIU, XI WEI (12k)
Jiang, Isabella (16k) Hou, Clarence (10k)
Zhao, Dave (12k) Hou, Clarence (10k)
EnyiZou, EnyiZou (15k) Hou, Clarence (10k)
Lun, Felicia (17k) Ai, Arya (17k)
Lei, Kyzen (16k) Ai, Arya (17k)
Chen, Xiaochuan (6k) XIAO, YUJIA (5k)
Tang, Zixuan (5k) XIAO, YUJIA (5k)
Tang, Zixuan (5k) Wiens, Brett (3k)
XIAO, YUJIA (5k) Wiens, Brett (3k)